PPT: Sveti Andrija fort to Dom Orjen

9 July 2017
PPT Dom Orjen

Day 9: 31,9 km. (+ 1540m. uphill and 650m. downhill)

It’s about 8.30 when I reach Kafana Grakavac. I’ve just hiked today’s first 10k. The kafana is a little off trail and situated next to a highway and it’s open. Yeah! They’re serving Turkish coffee. Yeah! They’re serving a hot sandwich. Oh… yeah! Continue Reading…

PPT: Ivanova Korita – Vidikovac – Velji Zalazi

2 July 2017
Velji Zalazi Chapel PPT

Day 7: 19km (+750m. uphill and 1100m. downhill)

As the clouds move over for a few seconds I see the chapel at the settlement of Velji Zalazi. Velji Zalazi sounds promising. Once, it used to be a village in the middle of the mountains high above the bay of the Kotor. Now it’s no more than ruins. And the chapel. Continue Reading…

PPT: Brajići to Ivanova Korita (NP Lovćen)

28 June 2017
PPT Brajići Majtori

Day 5 and 6: 0 + 19,2 km (+1200m uphill and 740m. downhill)

At the town of Budva I take a zero. It’s pretty touristic out here. However, tourist season hasn’t started yet so it is still quiet out here. What’s to say about a zero? Shower, laundry, eating seafood and buying resupplies. At the local market I buy dried mushrooms and raspberries, fresh cheese and dried sausage. I also buy a lighter. No more soaked food! Those kinds of things. Continue Reading…

About hiking the PPT

7 June 2017
GPS tracks PPT

Roughly between the border with Croatia and the border with Albania, runs the Montenegro Coastal Trail.  This 180km long mountain trail with stunning views on the coast is called the Mountaineering Coastal Transversal, the Coastal Hiking Transversal or the Primorska Planinarska Transverzala. PPT, for short. Continue Reading…

PPT: Rumija to Sut Tvrdoc

26 May 2017

Day 2: 23,5km (+ 1045 m. downhill and 810 m. uphill)

The hike from Rumija starts easy with a somewhat exposed but easy-to-hike track. Along the way there are a lot of springs. Continue Reading…

PPT: Stari Bar – Rumija

23 May 2017

Day 1: 18,2km. (+ 1698m. uphill)

‘Sama’. ‘Ja. sama’. According to the guy I meet outside the tiny village of Stari Bar it’s about 16km. (or is it 21? he’s kind of fast pointing out fives on his fingers) to mount Rumija. Continue Reading…