Argentina, Chile, South America

GPT16 Volcán Quetrupillán / Villaricca Traverse (part 2)

15 December 2017

Somewhere, underneath the snow the trail is hiding. The trees are still buried under the snow pack and they form a kind of Mikado maze. Holding the GPS I try to find my way. Roughly. Up through a white forest.

Within an hour I’ve left the maze and now I’m in an open landscape. Here, hiking and navigating is a lot easier. Even though the sun is shining it’s still cold and even without snowshoes iI’m able to hike over the thick, white layer. Every few kilometers the landscape changes, but always with one of the many volcanoes in sight. Continue Reading…

PPT - Montenegro Coastal Trail

PPT: Brajići to Ivanova Korita (NP Lovćen)

28 June 2017
PPT Brajići Majtori

Day 5 and 6: 0 + 19,2 km (+1200m uphill and 740m. downhill)

At the town of Budva I take a zero. It’s pretty touristic out here. However, tourist season hasn’t started yet so it is still quiet out here. What’s to say about a zero? Shower, laundry, eating seafood and buying resupplies. At the local market I buy dried mushrooms and raspberries, fresh cheese and dried sausage. I also buy a lighter. No more soaked food! Those kinds of things. Continue Reading…