PPT - Montenegro Coastal Trail

PPT: Lovački Dom via Kosmač to Budva

26 juni 2017
Spring flowers PPT

Day 4: 16km (+ 450m. uphill and 500m. downhill)

OK, last night was really, really, really, really windy. The day starts around 6.30 and I am flying over the PPT. Not because of the winds, but because here there’s a proper trail, with markers everywhere.

Chapel PPT

Today the sun is out and even though it’s early it’s already warm. At the settlement of Ogradenica (a chapel including nun and a few houses), I take a break at the cistern. Re-hydrating.

A short walk later there’s a spot with stunning views over the bay. It comes with ****-internet reception. I take another break to blog a little.

Blog PPT

After this hiking again: an unpaved road, a shaded forest, a bit uphill, a bit downhill, a trail damaged by a landslide and again an unpaved road. It’s around noon as I arrive at the ruins of fort Kosmač.

I planned on bivouac here, high above the bay, however…

  • it’s early
  • this place is windy
  • the fort is close to a busy road

Kosmac PPT

So after waiting for a while at the bus stop in the village of Brajići, as to be expected not on schedule, a crowded bus stops. My backpack and I are squeezed in. In about twenty minutes the bus zigzags, full speed, down to the coastal town of Budva.  Down to a much needed shower. Down to a restaurant serving cooked (instead of soaked) food.

Budva Beach

About the PPT

Check this blog for more info about hiking the PPT – incl. GPS-tracks and waypoints of all watersources.

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Written on my mobile phone while hiking the PPT.


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PPT Coastal Transversale Lovacki Dom - Kosmac - Budva   


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PPT Coastal Transversale Lovacki Dom – Kosmac – Budva

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