PPT - Montenegro Coastal Trail, Via Dinarica

PPT: Rumija to Sut Tvrdoc

26 mei 2017

Day 2: 23,5km (+ 1045 m. downhill and 810 m. uphill)

The hike from Rumija starts easy with a somewhat exposed but easy-to-hike track. Along the way there are a lot of springs.

After leaving the road it’s uphill to a saddle of Bijala Skala and just after crossing the saddle I hike into a shady forest.

PPT traik

Then, shortly after a lunchbreak at one of the few cisterns there’s no markings and no tracks. According to GPS and according to the maps there should be a trail. But, no. Nope. Nothing. I follow the GPS-tracks I found online.

Cistern PPT

Bushwhacking. For at least two kilometers. This is a sweaty, sticky, slidy and sweary affair.


Sign PPT

Upon reaching the next cistern a somewhat trail appears. Just like old wheathered waymarkers. The trail gets clearer, the waymarkers get brighter. Oh yeah! Hiking on an actuel trail makes a hikers’ life so much more pleasant.

PPT meadow

The trail changes into a track and the track changes into a road. A wind has set in and there are dark clouds popping. Even though I planned on hiking a few more kilometers I quickly find myself a spot for the night.

About the PPT
Check this blog for more info about hiking the PPT – incl. GPS-tracks and waypoints of all watersources.

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PPT Coastal Transversale Rumija-Sut Tvrdoc   


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PPT Coastal Transversale Rumija-Sut Tvrdoc

This blog has been written while hiking the PPT and on a mobile phone.

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