PPT - Montenegro Coastal Trail

PPT: Sut Tvrdoc to Lovački Dom

24 juni 2017

Day 3: 18km (+ 650m. uphill and 600m. downhill)

Showers all night. Heavy winds too, all night. Tarptent is soaking wet. Let’s call it a fresh start of the day.

There are, however, patches of blue sky showing. After a few kilometre of tarmac road the trail leads into the next, deserted, valley. Again, I encounter no other hikers and the trail is overgrown, the growth still wet, making the fresh start of the day even fresher. Oh yeah!

PPT trail

Just before noon the sun comes out for a quick hello, just as I am taking a break at a cistern. I lay all my gear including the clothes I am wearing out to dry in the sun. Meanwhile I catch water from the cistern, sharing it with a family of frogs.

Cistern PPT

After a very short break, drops of rain start to fall again. I take it as a sign to start hiking again. But, hey! My clothes and gear did dry. Yeah! The trail gets back to being overgrown again, there are markers though. But, after a few km’s the trail gets back to being a proper trail again and soon it turns into an unpaved road. Then, according to GPS there’s supposed to be a skloniste, a shelter. Check!

Skloniste PPT

The skloniste turns out to be unlocked and I search it for a lighter or matches to replace my broken lighter. I’d appreciate a warm meal instead of a soaked meal.  Too bad for me, besides cans of beer and soda there’s not much to be found.

I am lucky, however, with the next part of the trail: the sun is out again and the trail leads along high above the coast through fields of flowers.

Again, there’s no one out here, except for some wildlife like a pretty large, sunbathing, snake. And a wildcat, which I’ve never seen out in the wild before.

It’s late afternoon when I get to Lovački Dom, a closed hut. There are heavy winds setting in and I decide to camp at the hut. That night, even though I secured the tent pegs with extra weight, I had to get out of bed. Bora got hold of them. Twice.

Flowers Montengro Trail

About the PPT
Check this blog for more info about hiking the PPT – incl. GPS-tracks and waypoints of all watersources.

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PPT Coastal Transversale Sut Tvrdoc-Lovacki Dom   


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PPT Coastal Transversale Sut Tvrdoc-Lovacki Dom

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