PPT - Montenegro Coastal Trail

PPT: Sveti Andrija fort to Dom Orjen

9 juli 2017
PPT Dom Orjen

Day 9: 31,9 km. (+ 1540m. uphill and 650m. downhill)

It’s about 8.30 when I reach Kafana Grakavac. I’ve just hiked today’s first 10k. The kafana is a little off trail and situated next to a highway and it’s open. Yeah! They’re serving Turkish coffee. Yeah! They’re serving a hot sandwich. Oh… yeah!
PPT Sveti Andrija
Shortly after this Turkish coffee-break I meet two German hikers. They’re hiking a short section of the PPT ‘we couldn’t find much info about the trail, so we’re only out for a few days’.

Here the hikingtrail turns into an amazing mountain highway, built by the Austro-Hungarian’s to connect the forts: impressive buildings high up in the mountains with stunning views.

PPT Orjen

Upon reaching two could-be-cisterns, the first one appears to be empty. The other one: I can’t find. I’m out of water and it’s warm: I’m thirsty. So, before I resume my hike I need to find water. As I’m heading to some houses down the road I run into some signs pointing out the ruins ‘ruins barracks’ and ‘water caching system’. ‘Ha! Water caching system!’ That sounds like… a cistern!

The water caching system turns out to be the largest cistern I’ve ever seen. It’s filled with tons and tons of water: a swimming pool of water!

Water caching system PPT

After lunchbreak endless km’s uphill to mountain hut Orjen over an endless mountain road follow. Part of it is shaded and part of it is exposed. Luckily there are some pretty pretty views.

I’ve hiked a little under 32k when I reach the dom  at 1600m. Although it’s Saturday, besides Bora and her winds, no one is out here and the hut is closed.
Orjen Sedlo

After securing Tarptent’s stakes with an extra heavy duty load of rocks, I eat dinner at this dining room with a view.

About the PPT
Check this blog for more info about hiking the PPT – incl. GPS-tracks and waypoints of all watersources.

Lizard Montenegro

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Written on my mobile phone while hiking the PPT.


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PPT Coastal Transversale Sveti Andrija fort - Pl. Dom Orjen   


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PPT Coastal Transversale Sveti Andrija fort – Pl. Dom Orjen

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