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PPT: Velji Zalazi to Sveti Andrija fort

5 juli 2017
PPT Orjen Lovcen Ruijma

Day 8: 17km (+ 1130m. uphill and 1200m. dowhill)

According to the way markers today’s goal is about 17km and 8.5 hours hiking. 17km? 8.5 hours? This sounds like a challenging hike and I am about to find why.

It stopped raining somewhere in the night and thanks to Bora Tarptent has blown dry. Yeah!

Leaving Velji Zalazi turns out to be today’s first challenge: the village is no more than ruins. Fallen down walls block the trail and the parts of the trail that aren’t blocked are heavily overgrown. My guess: not too many hikers come out here.

Ruines Velji Zalazi

After Luk, a pass, a rocky trail downhill (including stunning views) leads into the almost-abandoned village of Mali Zalazi. Here a rewind of this morning: an overgrown trail. An overgrown trail appears to be today’s theme. Just like stunning views!

The overgrown trail makes turns into an interesting search for markings across a saddle with deep, steep dow-belows. Again Bora is out, so is it windy on this exposed part.

Hiking Kotor PPT

At a cistern I blow dry my humid clothes while my water gets filtered. Thank you Bora.

Cistner PPT

A few valleys and hours hiking down the trail the sun’s out (and so are the snakes). Here, the trail is a proper trail and I am back to fast and easy hiking. Here, I meet a couple of herders. Too bad they don’t speak any foreign language.

Sveti Andrija PPT

An old mountain highway, build by the Austro-Hungarians, takes me to today’s end point: Sventi Andrija fort. Or: the ruins of Sveti Andrija fort.

Lente Kotor Wandelen
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PPT Coastal Transversale Velji Zalazi – Sveti Andrija fort   


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PPT Coastal Transversale Velji Zalazi – Sveti Andrija fort

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