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Resupply on the Via Dinarica

13 november 2016
Resupply Via Dinarica Sneznik

You can buy food on frequent intervals along the Via Dinarica. There are small grocery stores and full supermarkets closeby, or a short hitch or busride from the trail. Almost all stores are open 7 days a week, from early in the morning untill at least 9 PM.

Buying on the go

The challenge: most stores don’t have stock for trail user’s needs (lightweight, fast to cook), but with some creativity you will be able get your resupplies. In this blog tips for future Via Dinarica thru-hikers. I did not sent myself any resupply package: the postal system is too complicated and buying food along the trail also supports the local communities.

Besides the stores and restaurants, there are huts where food and/or drinks are being served. Because, at almost all of them, food has to be arranged in advance, I did not count on them (too much time/effort/hard to plan): sometimes I was lucky to meet people at a hut, sometimes not. The largest carries were between Kalinovik and Žabljak (stage 36-39) and in North Macedonia.

List of stores (and more) along the Via Dinarica

Here’s what I did (there are even more along the trail, check the Via Dinarca-website):

 Length (stage)Uphill (m.)Downhill (m.)Resupply at (km): 
Slovenia & Croatia
Stage 0540Nova Goriza: full grocery store
32Col: convenience store/restaurant
Stage 10Predjama: hotel/restaurant
833125290010Postojna: full grocery store
13Mladika hut: 1km off trail.
44Mašun: restaurant + hotel
54Snežnik: hut open at weekends. Serves meals.
Stage 218.595088083Prezid: convenience store (2x)
96Čabar: convenience store (I skipped Čabar)
Stage 315.36601125101.5Tršće: convenience store/bar
Stage 423.11860725116.8Crni Lug: convenience store
133NP Risnjak: restaurant
140NP Risnjak: Schlosserov Dom (hut, some food)
Stage 526.19401725
Stage 631.516601500166Fužine (6km off trail): convenience store/hotel/restaurant/bus to Rijeka (or train).
197.5Dom Bijele stijene
Stage 719.11100620
Stage 811.9380860
Stage 924.69601140253.1Road D23 hitch to Senj: full grocery stores/hotel./restaurants. Or bus to Senj from Vratnik.
Stage 10181100850
Stage 1111.61000290
Stage 1214.8675980
Stage 1324.37801165
Stage 1417.410751120339.2Baške Oštarije: Hostel/restaurant/bus to Karlobag.
Stage 15161290820
Stage 1611.85251045
Stage 1718.21275730
Stage 1814.29251055
Stage 1916.1415.5Hitch from Tulove grede to Starigrad.
Stage 20Skipped this stage
Stage 21Skipped this stage
Stage 2219.21080240415.5Knin: full grocery store/hotel.
Stage 2317.98001485452.6Cetina/Knin: bus/train to Split.
Stage 24 Skipped this stage
Stage 25 Skipped this stage
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Stage 26Skipped this stage bus Split-Tomislavgrad
Stage 2721444550452.6Tomislavgrad: full grocery store/motel/restaurant.
Stage 2821.613801080473.6Bukovica: restaurant/convenience store
Stage 2923.316201600
Stage 3028.418302840546.9Jablanica: town. Bus to Mostar/Sarajevo.
Stage 3137.235702700
Stage 3224.67701410Ruište: restaurant (motel)/taxi/hitch to Mostar
608.7Boračko lake: small convenience store/restaurants
Stage 3329.731302080
Stage 34 (1st part)617702365644.4Umoljani: restaurants
Alternate to Sarajevo23Via Dom Stanari and Pazarić. Bus to Sarajevo.
Stage 34 (2nd part)47667.4Resupply in Sarajevo
Dom Vrela
Stage 3531.418551600714.4Kalinovik: convenience stores/hotel/restaurant/bus to Sarajevo
Stage 3637.424952110789+8Tjentište: restaurant and Household Radovic (8km off trail)
Stage 3720.516401590
Stage 383030203250
Stage 394223702260852.7Nedajno: restaurant
Stage 4178.230702930875.7Žabljak: full grocery store/hotel/restaurant
883.7Njegovuđa: small convenience store/café
942.7Mojkovac: full grocery store/hotel/restaurant
951.7Dom Džambas
Stage 4141.518551785977.9Katun Vranjak: serves food
995.4Treŝnjevik: bar/food (2x).
Hitch/taxi to Andrijevica: convenience stores/hotel/restaurant
Stage 4232.516802210
Stage 4312.8285390Alternate to Lepushë, see below.
Alternate via Lepushë18230010001040.7Lepushë: guesthouses/food
Stage 4410Skipped most of this stage, see above.
Stage 4520137014001068.7Theth: guesthouses/food
Trail Thethe-Valbona: guesthouses (food and drinks) – at least 5.
North Macedonia(Mini)Bus: Valbone-Bajram Curri-Pizren-Skopje
Ljuboten-Popova Shapka501068.7Resupply in Skopje/bus+taxi to Staro Selo
1138.7Hitch from Brodec to Popova Shapka
Popova Shapka-Springs of Pena131430470Popova Shapka: very small convenience store/hotel/restaurant. I'd recommend buying resupplies in Tetovo.
Springs of Pena-Korab-Mavrovo60Hitch from Ribnica to Mavrovo
Mavrovo-Galičnik81211.7Mavrovo: hotel/restaurant convenience store
Galičnik-Botún851219.7Galičnik: hotel/restaurant/convenience store
1234.7Lazaropole: hotel/restaurant/convenience store
1244.7Gari: restaurant
1304.7Botún: gas station. Hitch/taxi to Ohrid.

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