Slovenië, Via Dinarica

Stage 0: Nova Gorica-Predjama

3 juni 2016
Predjama Castle Via Dinarica

The last 1.5 days I hiked from the Italian/Slovenian border to Predjama Castle – where the White Trail according to starts.

Nanos plateau Slovenia Via Dinarica

I mostly hiked along the Nanos plateau, which has stunning views! Too bad it has been raining a lot and when the rain stopped, mist set in. So, I actually hiked in the clouds most of the time.

Nanos Slovenia

Yesterday, after lunch in a nice restaurant called Gostilna Tratnik in Col, I couldn’t find the side trail I wanted to hike. I changed plans and ended up hiking all the way to Predjama Castle and arriving there just before night fell. I earned myself a AAA-bivouac with a view, though.


I got to the town of Postojna early. And after buying resupplies in one of the many well-stocked grocery stores, insect repellent (six tick bites is a bit too much) and a stay in the really nice and comfortable youth hostel. I’m ready for stage 1: Croatia here I come!

Hiking Nanos plateau

Interested in hiking Nanos plateau? I used (hiking map) Planinska 16 Nanos.

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