Kroatië, Via Dinarica

Stage 8 & 9 Sklonište Miroslav Hirtz – Senj

18 juni 2016

A few kilometers after leaving Sklonište Miroslav Hirtz (stage 7) the fun starts again.

Fallen trees, an overgrown trail, searching for way markers – or all three combined. I bet there aren’t a lot of hikers using this trail! Hiking solo, sliding over rocks, climbing over and/or under trees, through head high bushes with hidden rocks under the growth, checking the GPS – it slows me down a lot.


After hitting the road and seeing the run down mountain hut, kuća Stalak, (probably meaning that there isn’t a lot of hiking going on around here?) an almost empty food bag and another 30 kilometer left to hike I decide to hitch to the town of Senj and skip the remainder of stage 8 and stage 9.
Hitching at this empty road took me an hour, and I was lucky the girls, in first car driving by, gave me a ride.

Stage 8 & 9 Via Dinarica

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