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Travel Bug | Reiske(ver)

29 mei 2016
Reiskever Travel Bug

Reiske dropped off a Travel Bug (TB). TB’s are part of Geocaching, an outdoor activity, in which participants use a GPS receiver or mobile device to seek a hidden weatherproof box (cache). Once found  the visit can be logged in an included logbook. It’s actually like a modern-day treasure hunt. A cache can also contain Travel Bugs, which are objects that are moved from cache to cache and are logged and followed online.

Travel Bug <-> Reiske(ver)

Travel Bug translates to Reiskever in Dutch. Which, you might have noticed, is the name of my blog: Reiske(ver) 🙂

So, at the start of my 1400km Via Dinarica thru-hike, I decided to drop off two Reiskevers: one with the goal of travelling 1400km through the Netherlands (my homecountry) and the other one in Slovenia with the goal of travelling along the Dinaric Alps.


Go to www.geocaching.com for more information and follow the Reiske(vers) by using these codes:

Travel bug Reiskever

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